Ronaldo never reach the greatness of Messi

Xavi argument – Ronaldo never reach the greatness of Messi

About a week ago, the Barcelona legend Xavi stated that Cristiano Ronaldo was a great player, but Ronaldo never reach the greatness of Messi. The Portuguese superstar didn’t hold back afterwards though, by saying that he will not take into regards the comments made by a footballer that hasn’t won the Ballon D’Or.

Ronaldo’s comments sparked a reaction afterwards, but not from Xavi, but from the Barcelona outlet Sport:

“Lacking respect for Xavi is lacking respect for Football in capitals. A sport in which the Catalan midfielder excelled at for Barcelona and the Spanish national team.

Yes, now he plays in Qatar. No, he didn’t win a Ballon d’Or. But Xavi will go down in history as a model footballer that the whole world praised.

And not just that. Xavi will also go down in history for his exemplary behaviour on and off the pitch. Two titles that are worth a million Ballon d’Ors. And Cristiano will never have either… “

It’ll definitely be interesting to see whether or not Cristiano Ronaldo will respond to these claims.

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